Last Friday we went to a theatre play in English “Ghosts in love” . When the play began we alredy knew a little of it because we had done many activities before in class. The play was very funny and entertaining because the actors were singing and dancing  songs that all of us knew. There were many pupils from different schools   and they participated dancing and singing with them. The play was a little bit scary because it was  about ghosts. The actors were funny and they spoke very good English. We had a great time together and we laughed a lot. We understood the play very well , we liked this experience very much and we would like to repeat it more often.

Ghosts in love

El pasado viernes13, los alumnos de la ESO del colegio Santo Ángel, visitaron el teatro principal de Palencia, en el que tuvieron el placer de ver una obra de teatro en inglés, titulada “GHOSTS IN LOVE”, en la cual, los alumnos participaron, se divirtieron con los actores, pudieron practicar su inglés y pasar un rato muy agradable.

Agradecemos la oportunidad que nos brindan para aprovechar esta salida.